Styling: Mr Jason Grant | Photography: Micheal Wee

Do you ever see homes that you just want to hang out in or be in invited to a party in? Well, for me, Mr Jason Grant’s Sydney apartment is one of those homes. An eclectic mix of texture, colour and quirky animal accessories the space is testament to Jason’s talent as a stylist for a plethora of Australian and international interiors titles. One of my favourite rooms in his apartment is the kitchen (I’ve wanted a Smeg fridge since, like, the beginning of time!) because the open shelving that is bursting with colourful kitchen treats works a treat, and I love how close up there are so many interesting details and objects. As well as the personalised home office space, the roof terrace is a real winner and makes me long to grab that yellow towel and head back here. What do you like about Jason’s home? 

Will Taylor

Will lives in NYC and is an interior design author and content creator. He's been blogging about his love of design, style and travel since 2009. His #MakeYouSmileStyle approach to decorating and dressing has inspired over one million Instagram uploads to the hashtag from followers across the world.


  1. I like so much about this home! I think the thing I like the most is the mix of the brown-grey-oranges hues combined with pops of colour, a lot of them pastels.

    I like that white round table from Ikea in the kitchen. I bough one when I was working for a Youth Project last year. We decorated a room that was really awful from the beginning, and it turned out really great. In diffrent hues of teal, white, wood and a brown sofa for some warmth. And a really cool “granny lamp” in mustard yellow with fringe. It was a fun project. Me and some of the youths went to Ikea and thrift stores, and three girls did the painting and put up a wall paper (with a little help). That table reminded me of this.

  2. What a beautiful home! The headboard made of wood is amazing, and so original. I love all the bright colors mixed with classic elements. Love love love love.

  3. I love all of the pops of colour everywhere- it all works really well.

    I love the outside space too- my dream!

  4. @themangotreeblog – You know me, I love a good dose of colour!

    @Jamie – Isn't it wonderful how interiors can spark off memories and experiences? Thanks for sharing yours with us.

    @the urban slant, blythe – I know, that headboard had me from the off.

    @Kevin, Jenna, Jane – I'm right with you – it feels natural and unstaged.

    @Rachel – I'll fight you for it! 😉

    @Hannah – To have outside space like this in a city would be so amazing (especially if it comes with this much colourful fun!)

    @Mary – Sure, just add in a few palms and some spiders and I'm sure it would feel like a home from home! 😉

  5. bedroom and kitchen are my favorite. love the little bird's house above the nightstand in the bedroom… but the rooftop terrace is the BOMB, totally cool. thanks for sharing this…

  6. The colourful kitchen is amazing but the roof terrace has to be my all time favourite. Makes me want to move to a city where the roof can be converted in roof terraces!

    Greetings from Paris!

  7. Oh dear I think I'm in love! The eclectic vibe here is amazing and I totally want that kitchen, and the roof terrace…swoon!x

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  9. @homeboundtheheartoflife – The bird house is adorable!

    @Hoola Tallulah – Isn't that bedhead the best? I've not seen anything like it before.

    @european chic, little tree – I want to party on his roof terrace!

  10. I LOVED the eclectic mix!! and the accessories are just out of this orld!! I mean just look at that haedboard!!

  11. @Anna – Do you think Jason will mind if we just move on in?! 😉

    @Samia – You're one of many lusting over that headboard!

    @Esta, Laura – The art hung by hangers is very cool – great spot!

  12. OMG – can Mr. Jason Grant send this apartment over, please!!! I love every bit of it – I adore the kitchen table! Need to get one…ok, first I need to get a kitchen, but that's another story:-)

  13. @White Tapestry – For me, the terrace is one of the best features of the whole apartment!

    @Igor – I'm sure the East Wing has space, no?! 😉

    @lisa – I like all the animal objects; I have lots in my place, too.

    @Rachie – I can imagine John liking that headboard!

    @Miss Rubio – I often find small spaces the most inspiring.

    @lamah – I know, right! Shows how creative you can be with city living.

  14. This is really great, I love the colours and the happy and relaxed feel and all the typography pictures! Also: the bed head!!!! Genius!

  15. Beige IS boring! Here in Finland every blog is full of white, it all looks the same, and there is nothing what get smile on your face. I cant even imagine living without colors! So, Im glad that I found blog like this.

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