About three weeks ago, following days of prop hunting and shoot planning, I filled up my little car and made the trip to my Mum’s house to get festive, Rue style. With my Mum out the country on a little winter sun break, I was able to take over the house for my latest Rue Magazine photo shoot. And take over the house I did. Picture the scene: hallways full of furniture and living rooms over flowing with props, lights and photographic equipment. We had just one day to capture three different Christmas looks in the same room. Crazy? A little. Fun? You betcha! I was really keen to show how holiday decorating can reflect your personality and style preferences, no matter what the existing space is like. You can read about the three looks in detail in my column (p.77-80) over on Rue’s brand new site. I’m hugely proud of this shoot and feel honoured to work for such an inspiring, creative and engaging publication.

Styling by Will Taylor | Photography by Matt Cant | Rue Magazine

Will Taylor

Will lives in NYC and is an interior design author and content creator. He's been blogging about his love of design, style and travel since 2009. His #MakeYouSmileStyle approach to decorating and dressing has inspired over one million Instagram uploads to the hashtag from followers across the world.


  1. I really really loved it Will! Great job. Did you have a favourite when you were done? I think mine is the Noir Christmas … Great job all round, so pleased for you 🙂

  2. Will, this is magical. Your talent shines through this spread, and there is not one look I'm not in love with. Well done.

  3. Will I did not know you were a stylist!! OmG that first shot is amazing!!! I love your use of color!!! Perfection, Bravo to you Mr. Will you did a awesome job. I would be very proud also, Kudos to you,Kathysue

  4. Noir and Folksy are incredible! You did an amazing job! “Imagine Narnia with dash of Hogwarts” for the holidays, genius!

  5. LOVE all three looks…but that Christmas Wreath in the first image totally rocks! Great post Will x

  6. Oh Will this is magical….love love love everything about it!!! They are all fab but Noir Christmas is definitely a fav of mine…….hope to see u this week! Mwah xxx

  7. wow! congrats on this amazing feature in rue 🙂 i'm in love with all 3 looks, especially #1! i am so proud of you will! keep up the fabulous work. xoxo – julie

  8. Oh I have been needing Christmas decor inspiration!!! So many amazing ideas here!!!


  9. will! It was your photos of Technicolor that decided for me on the spot to use more color this year and really decorate beyond the tiny tree and wreath I usually rely on!!!

    You've changed my Christmas this year!

  10. Your column was sooo much fun to look through this morning Will! I love each of the looks, they are fabulous. Kinda wish I could have 1 house for each look cause I can't decide on favorite 🙂 Congrats to you my friend!

  11. I love things like this – such a great way to show what can be done with strong looks! And how lovely is your mum's house?!

  12. I would be proud too as it looks AMAZING! Seriously just so good and the photography is also really great!

    Loving all the looks but especially like Folksy as i am loving the cut out animals – Genius!!

    Rachie xo

  13. This is outstanding: very original and tasteful. I was always for conservative, classical trees and decoration, but these themes I could imagine!

    Loving it!

  14. I really loved your article in Rue. My look this year is definitely a technicolor one. Congrats on your success!

  15. Will, your photos are brighter and clearer on your site than the Rue mag one! It took me an entire morning to enjoy the Rue magazine, it was so yummy! I love your technicolour xmas set. It reminds me of my childhood when everything was tinsel and fake metallic tree (70's baby)! Great great job!! Who did the photography because it's gorgeous. Now I feel like going out and decorating for xmas Will_Rue_technicolour style.

  16. I found your blog after perusing Rue and I'm amazed at the looks you put together here… it's hard to believe they are all the same room! Each is so original and festive. What a lucky mum you have to have a stylish, hardworking elf at home when she goes out of town. congratulations!

  17. I flipped through the magz yesterday very quickly, when I came across the technicolour pages, I immediately thought of YOU!! Well what was I thinking, of course it was you all along!

    Well done, Will!!

  18. If I lived anywhere near London I'd drive on over and be your 'propping slave'! 🙂
    I can only imagine how much fun you had doing these two marvelous looks for Rue! Well done.

    Needless to say, the 'Folksy' theme is me to a tee. It hits the witch, the Swede and the forest fiend in me, in a beautiful way. Love love!

    Big sunny hugs from a terribly warm and non-Xmasy Sydney!

    xx C

  19. Such beautiful ideas! The holidays are all about personal style, sharing what you love, what's meaningful. Loved that you showed how one space could go so many different ways.

  20. Each of the images have such diverse aspects in them, I don't know which to love more!! They are just fabulous!! I feel pulled to the black and white concept because my home is black and white, but then for Christmas you sometimes feel you need more colour! And I love and adore the robots in the first image!! J'adore!!!

    🙂 Hazel
    Hazel Loves Design

  21. I love them! Esp. the technicolour one… What's *wrong* with me these days? I should be loving the folksy one best but people like YOU are corrupting my taste! 🙂

  22. Will, you are one talented dude. I'd be happy with any of the three looks you shared here…but if I HAD to choose, I'd be all over the folksy look!

    Great job, as always.

    Happy holidays!

    *Tania @ Passport2Design.com

  23. Thank you so much for your kind and generous comments about my latest Rue shoot; your support means so much to me.

    For those of you that have asked, the brightly coloured bauble wreath is from Paperchase!

  24. i know i'm totally late to this party, but will you absolutely outdid yourself on this shoot! i was so impressed… and all in one day!?? amazing. my dear you are a talent to reckon with! 🙂 i can't even pick a favorite, they're all so fab.

  25. Will,
    this part of the magazine was so fun and made the issue special.

    Thanks for your added creativity!
    Enjoy the holidays.

    the Rue Girls

  26. Wow, where can I get that stag silhouette?
    Very beautiful – my favorite actually is the Noir Christmas. Can't resist those fairy lights!

  27. I love the tree so much — can anyone help me locate an artificial or real tree like that? Or does the photographer have details??

  28. Thanks, Will! It’s just beautiful! Of course I’m trying to recreate the technicolor look for this year — any chance you remember where the ball ornaments came from? I’m finding some that just aren’t as vibrant and too shiny. Thanks so much!

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