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August 2010

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    Yesterday was a bank holiday here in the UK, so I’m taking a little break today to enjoy the last slice of summer sunshine! I’ll be back tomorrow with a review of the October…


    {10 Things I Learned This Weekend…}

    1. Saturdays make a great time for cocktails o’clock – shake, shake! 2. Saturdays with old friends and dancing provide much banter/laughs/general larking. 3. Saturdays with cocktails, old friends, dancing and a great Chinese…


    {Sunday’s Bright Links}

    1 via 2 Christina from Full House posted an ode to the end of summer. For illustration inspiration check out Claudia Pearson’s blog;Β her fall tea towel is fantastic! Three colourful push bikes captured through…

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    {Happy Weekend}

    Hurrah for Saturdays! I’m pleased to see the weekend; it’s been a long week. Our old housemates from The University Days are coming to stay with us in our new apartment, so I’m looking…



    This Bright.Bazaar guy is craving a little dose of orange in his life. Ok, maybe a bit more than a little! So there’s only one thing for it folks, a triple helping of The…