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June 2010

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    {Decor SOS: Wall Art}

    I saw this huge brownstone image on made by girl’s lovely blog last week and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. It’s on the wall inside Coisas da Doris‘ store, but I can’t…


    {A Bridgehampton Farmhouse}

    As well as LonnyΒ I also love to peruseΒ Laura Day Living during my down time. Now in it’s third issue, Laura Day Living is delivered to our screens bi-monthly and is all about making rooms…


    {Rice: Fall Collection 2010}

    I’m a huge fan of the fall season; the orange hues of the leaves, roaring fires and the more adventurous clothing fashions compared to the more predictable trends of spring/summer. It’s not only in…


    {Bright Blooms #7}

    Now I’m getting settled into the new place I’ve had time to do relax and try out some more arrangements. This week I’ve gone for a contrasting visual: vibrant yellow roses, softened with some…