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January 2010

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    {Taking time for you}

    Image: WhippetGrey I don’t think I’ll ever tire of that Friday feeling. Sometimes it starts on a Thursday afternoon, knowing that the weekend is within sight, and sometimes it comes in a flurry as…


    {Rice: spring/summer 2010}

    Not only is it Friday, but Spring is on the way; I can smell it in the air, feel it in the changing weather and, most importantly, see it in the gorgeous new collections…

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    {Trend watch: Owls}

    What’s not to like about these feathered friends that grace our planet? They are cute, cuddly and some how bring a style factor that packs a punch of fun to anything they grace for…

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    {Parisian interiors}

    Image: Kitchen of Eric Bergere, P.64 from Paris Interiors (Taschen Books) Flicking through my Taschen Paris Interiors book this morning I paused on this page. I’m not sure why, but something about the window…

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    {A farmhouse interior}

    Yesterday’s post about the kitchen from It’s Complicated got me thinking about the places I could visit to get this look. The film was shot in America and is based in Santa Barbara, sunny…

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    {A handmade world}

    “Welcome to our world…feel free to take a piece of it back with you.” That’s the offering from fey handmade, an online store inspired by nature and ran by a team passionate about design.…