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MT Casa: Three Ways To Add Temporary Colour


Since I graduated from university I’ve lived in rented apartments, so I’m always delighted to discover design ideas that offer the opportunity to bring temporary colour into a space. MT Casa, an initiative from the folks behind the much loved MT Washi Tape, provides one such solution with tape that is designed to be used across household objects and walls. I especially love the idea of covering kitchen cabinets or ugly appliances with a bold colour block stripe; the perfect way to add a personalised touch to a rented kitchen. If you’re happy with your kitchen, why not try the tape on a pair of lampshades either side of the sofa or to make a statement from a basic coffee table? I think this is a fun way to add interest and creativity to affordable pieces of furniture – ideal when you’re just starting out! MT Casa tape is also great for bringing smaller quirky colour touches into your home – I couldn’t help but smile when I saw those piano keys adorned with brightly coloured tape. Are any of these playful colour ideas capturing your imagination, friends?

// Photography by MT Casa


31 / 31 / 2013

loooooooooving the tape over the piano keys – how unexpected!


31 / 31 / 2013

can’t believe that’s all tapes! must take a while to do them but what an impactful way to inject color in a space, especially when in a rental where you can’t do anything permanent to the walls!

are you taping in your home MR?


31 / 31 / 2013

i wish i had plain smooth walls- my walls are all textured, which makes these types of stickers look bad. ugh. otherwise i’d be taping up EVERYTHING!

Will @ Bright.Bazaar

31 / 31 / 2013

@Jon – That’s annoying! Guess you’ll have to stick to appliances and furniture for now, which is still fun! :)

Will @ Bright.Bazaar

31 / 31 / 2013

@Tim – In my home office to bring colour to the bookshelf and magazine files! :)


31 / 31 / 2013

What a clever idea Will! Loving those pink striped cupboards :)


31 / 31 / 2013

You’ve got to love masking tape! I think it’s brilliant that they have got larger once out now! Nice post. hx

I love the kitchen, what a fun and cute idea!

Preciously Me

31 / 31 / 2013

I love this colorful kitchen!!!
Perfect to brighten your day!

the piano literally made my day!


31 / 31 / 2013

Are there any sites in English to buy these tapes?

Will @ Bright.Bazaar

31 / 31 / 2013

@Allie – You might be able to find some here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/washimatta Good luck!

tina @ colourliving

31 / 31 / 2013

Oh, didn’t know Washimatta site.. thanks for that.

Wow, MT mega mania has well and truly arrived. I’ve seen some great applications on flooring… don’t know about all theses applications but I love the initiative to show people what can be done… you are absolutely right about rental places. That’s certainly one way of modifying.

Have a great trip. No doubt you’ll rock!! x

Elli @studio34e blog

01 / 1 / 2013

Oh my!!!! I love the pink stripes!!!And th piano idea .. adorable!!!
Great post my friend!!!
So happy!
Have a nice weekend!

Something Gorgeous

01 / 1 / 2013

It looks amazing but I don’t think I could be so brave. G.x


01 / 1 / 2013

I love this! I saw the MT Casa at the Top Drawer and I thought this would be perfect for my room – in a rented house!

Hampshire Furniture

04 / 4 / 2013

This is a really interesting concept. I know that Washi tape is hugely popular in crafting so it’s great to see craft and interiors merge to create a really cool, contemporary look. I’d be frightened of taping my cabinets in rented accommodation but it’s definitely something I’d do if I owned a place.


05 / 5 / 2013

I’ve been using MT Casa tape in my upstairs studio and I am absolutely smitten. It is so easy to use and it leaves no damage or residue. I could go washi tape crazy on my walls over here!