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Colour Palette: Cheerful Houseboat Living Room

At first glance this cheerful living room looks multi-coloured but it’s actually decorated with a fairly limited palette of hues. This multi-coloured effect is achieved by layering in various shades of the core hues across the space. The breakout point of the scheme is the purple and orange stripe throw on the couch, which is referenced across the lampshade, artwork, throw pillows and rug through a mix of yellow-orange and purple shades. So, in reality, this is actually a very coordinated colour scheme but the subtle differences in shade give the finished space a much more relaxed feel. Clever! What do you like about this welcoming space? P.S. You can see the full tour of the houseboat, here.
// Photography by Anthea Williamson

What a happys room! I have a throw very similar that I brought back from Morocco with me that I adore. I also love that vintage lamp xx

I am still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that this is a houseboat! It’s so spacious and welcoming! I adore the bright velvet pillows on that comfy looking sofa!


09 / 9 / 2013

I agree with Rachel, what a happy room this one is!!! love the breakdown on the theory of the colour selection….


09 / 9 / 2013

What a cheerful space! Love the palette. Happy New Year Will!


09 / 9 / 2013

Hi Will! I’m back from holiday break and am so happy to pop by here and see a colour palette post. These posts of yours are so useful and informative, truly sweet gems for interior design enthusiasts. So, thanks! The room… not so my thing, but you know my eyes still think it’s delish!

Happy New Year!

Xx. Holly.

A Cat From London

09 / 9 / 2013

Woow, it’s big, a houseboat bigger then our house :) !

elli @ studio34E

09 / 9 / 2013

Great post Will!I love color in every room!


09 / 9 / 2013

Love the color combo here – the vibrant purple and orange are just a fab complement!


09 / 9 / 2013

What a lovely colourful room! Wish you the best for 2013!


10 / 10 / 2013

I love this mix of colors! Nowadays people tend to decorate with lots of natural shades… It is lovely and very quiet but I still love colors!

Coulda shoulda woulda

10 / 10 / 2013

Love the sofa and array of pillow colors. Could be the new rainbow

Zoe @ Wedo sofa beds

10 / 10 / 2013

What a colourful, bright room! Patterned throws and multicoloured cushions are perfect for adding personality to a living room. I’ve decorated my new sofa bed with bright coloured fabrics and it makes such a difference to the room and my mood!