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Black. I suspect that it isn’t the first colour you would associate with spring. Am I right? Well, I can understand why because whilst those noir hues are beautiful, they don’t exactly feel fresh. That’s until you start to pair them with lush green shades and crisp white base notes. Then we’re talking a whole new ball game, folks! Take the left hand kitchen, where the palette of ash grey and black is punctured with a small handful of green and yellow accents, which add a sense of depth and energy to the richly coloured scheme. Similarly in the right hand kitchen, we see how the striking black and white palette is broken up by using greenery to soften the space. Have you combined black and green before? What are your top tips for decorating with this palette?
1. Bo Bedre |  2. MJG by Michael Wee | 3. Yvestown | Sponsored by Appliances Online | All opinions and layouts my own
Given my love for colour it will come as no surprise that I’ve always had a crush on SMEG fridges. Their array of candy hues make for my kind of sweet shopping! The extensive colourways on offer mean they are a versatile piece for a number of differently styled kitchens. Here I’ve shown three ways that I think you can rock a SMEG fridge at home. The first, Scandi Brights, shows how a colourful appliance can bring a statement, eye-catching dimension to an otherwise pared back space. Eclectic Mix, from the home tour of Sydney-based stylist Mr Jason Grant, takes a more subtle approach. Here we see how the fridge blurs into the space by surrounding it with worldly finds and colourful tablewares in a set palette of hues. Finally, Pastel Beauty, seen in all it’s glory here in Yvonne’s kitchen is a fine example of how to incorporate a SMEG fridge into a soft and delicate kitchen by teaming it with floral prints and accent pendants. If Mr. Bazaar was going to have a SMEG fridge it would definitely be the candy stripe design. What about you? Which would you pick?

1. London’s neoclassical architecture looks even more beautiful against the canvas of a bright blue sky.
2. Could these be the perfect Bright.Bazaar mirrors?!
3. A vase bursting with daffodils brings me bundles of joy.
4. Wearing my new spring jacket for the first time this season – yay!
5. I liked the dotty packaging on this coffee cup.
6. The place setting I laid for a dinner party at mine on Saturday evening with my favourite bloom, Craspedia!
7. How lovely is this hand-illustrated typewriter notecard?
8. My favourite ceramics from the new Country Road collection.
9. Nautical deck shoes? Yes, please!
10. The colours in this rug are beautiful.