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1. Ideal Home | 2. Simon Whitmore for Ideal Home | 3. Tim Young for Ideal Home
Whether your enjoying the height of summer or willing spring to arrive during the grey days of winter (yes, London, I’m looking at you right now) these three ideas are perfect for creating an energising and bright kitchen space. First up we see how ‘The Sunshine Shades’ of turquoise and yellow hues soften the darker geometric tiles that grace the floor, which in turn lifts the colour scheme. You will notice how the accent colours draw the eye upwards from the chair, to the counter and up to the shelves in the corner of the room; this helps to create visual space in the scheme. The second kitchen shows how to make a statement using colour and furniture. Often we might think to add colour through accessories but here these are kept minimalist with clean white finishes that offset the bold turquoise hue of the dresser – a striking and effortless look. The final look, ‘Industrial Red Hues’, is perfect for a warehouse or small city kitchen that has been kept white and pared back to increase the feeling of space but needs warming up. Careful use of tomato red accent hues will break up the crisp palette, preventing the scheme from feeling too clinical. My vote goes for look two, but which would you choose?

1. Erin Dollar makes cushion covers in pretty hues and patterns.
2. Le Petit Atelier de Paris have simple yet beautiful packaging (more on my recent trip, soon!).
3. Loved the white and green combination of these subway tiles.
4. The smell of fresh bread at the grocery store made me miss the boulangeries of Paris.
5. This box of glass bottles were for helping yourself to homemade wine in the grocery store – how fun!
6. Picking up fresh blooms at Columbia Road Flower Market is the perfect antidote to the Post Paris blues!
7. How beautiful is this wedding box set?
8. Are you looking for the perfect nod to the year ahead? This colourful cushion by Michelle Mason could be perfect – I love the pom poms, type and bright colours.
9. This bag only deepened my love for navy and tan combinations!
10. The striking yet simple design of this floor lamp caught my eye.

Photo prints by Eye Poetry: (Left to right) 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Well, folks, I’m signing off for the week because I’m lucky enough to be in Paris for a few days of French Fun! Just days before I left, two new prints I had ordered from Eye Poetry arrived ready to be framed and hung in my bedroom. I ordered the top two rooftop images you can see in the four shown above and plan on hanging them side by side on one of the bedroom walls. Why did I choose them? I felt instantly inspired and charmed by their ‘toy town’ look (love tilt shift!) and what better than to wake and see beautiful Parisian architecture each morning? Can’t wait to come back and share my Parisian adventures with you all. Have a lovely weekend!