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Scrolling through the inspiring porfolio of interior and still life photographer Magnus Anesund had me thinking how his photographs each told different colour stories. From Blue Hues and Multi Colour to Red and Pink, the spaces and stills he has captured provide a wealth of colourful inspiration. I found myself drawn to the colour block bedside table and the Duke Blue hue of that cabinet. Which of the colour stories do you like?
1. Ditte Isager takes beautiful photographs.
2. Four Corner Store sells great cameras. Love the quirky packaging too.
3. Smiled at this charming illustration by Claudia Pearson Illustration.
4. Enjoyed the smelling the flowers at the Liberty London flower stall.
5. Loved the Mod Animals Bowl by Jonathan Adler.
6. A perfect mix of brights and stripes on this deckchair in Hyde Park.
7. This pillow had me dreaming of old school fayres.
8. Fifteen minutes spent reading in this cosy corner of Anthropologie is really lovely.
9. Knockout lamp and shade combo.
10. Hopper and Space stock a great range of sofas.
YOU + ME boutique design | Rue
I’m off enjoying a long weekend here in London, so I wanted to leave you with this oh so inspiring event decor. The romantic simplicity of the decorative accessories and the masculine black accents marry together to produce a dramatic and show-stopping space. Anyone up for a quick cocktail here before we head back to work tomorrow?! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend.