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1. Victoria’s photographs of San Francisco are brilliant.
2. I love this new print from Sanna Annukka.
3. Columbia Road flower market on a cushion? Don’t mind if I do!
4. Graphic, typographical and featuring one of my favourite cities in the world, this These Are Things print is divine.
5. Jonathan Adler’s Utopia Lion mugs make me smile.
6. Campaign bedside tables from The Sleep Room are simple and beautiful.
7. Polka dots and stripes in one set of bed sheets. Yes, freakin’ please!
8. What’s not to love about these midcentury furniture illustrations?
9. Cleaning my flat to Madge’s ‘Confessions’ album results in embarrassing dancing with the hoover.
10. This ‘stack it’ range that I spotted in Merci, Paris is fun, colourful and functional. Shame it was a touch too big for my carry on…!
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Handmade weddings and inspired styling.
DIY chemistry beakers and fresh blooms.
Jonathan Adler is heading to the UK. (Time to get saving!)
The hue is blue.
Matchbook mag knocked it’s first issue outta’ the park!
A heart-melting proposal.
‘Dude, will you be my groomsman?’ cards are awesome.
Check out Rue Magazine’s third issue.
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Happy Weekend

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Thank you for your company this week, folks, it’s such a treat to dive into your blogs each and every day. I’m planning on a weekend of rest and crafting – my inspiration books have been a little neglected and are in need of some serious attention! Plus, there’s a reel of polka dot tape in my desk drawers that I am keen to start using. I’d also like to get some bakers twine to hang inspirational tears in my office. What’s on your weekend agenda?