11/29/2010 // 30 comments

10 Things I Learned This Weekend

1. Calm and serene; this living space took my breath away.
2. Anthology magazine is the perfect fit for my Jack Spade bag.
3. These deliciously gold bowls are flirting outrageously with my Christmas list!
4. Owls are still in my good books, especially after I found this darling fellow.
5. Starbucks jewel-coloured Christmas decorations caught my eye.
6. Rockin’ around the Christmas tree, quite literally! (Anyone recognise the jumper?!)
7. Oh, Joules, please stop tempting me with colourful striped wellies.
8. Kelly Hoppen’s Home Style iPhone app is comprehensive and a great addition to any designer or stylist.
9. These Christmas cards are fab!
10. I fell for these hand painted baubles.
Justina Blakeney

29 / 29 / 2010

I love every single link.Those cards are adorable. LOVE anthology, those wellies, and how cute are you rockin' out! oh yes, and that living room…ahhhhh….
Justina @compai

Ludmila {creamylife.com}

29 / 29 / 2010

Few things I learned from this post: that living room is gorgeous! the golden bowl is to die for! the owl is a pretty ornament which I MUST have! the picture of you doing the happy dance is heart-melting! those striped wellies are dreamy! the card and baubles are the image of a magical Christmas! phew! happy Monday :)

Kelly Green

29 / 29 / 2010

Loving those joules boots too, and those baubles….well just too brilliant! KG


29 / 29 / 2010

LOVE everything you picked! + you rockin around the christmas tree made me want to watch”home alone” you're so cute! xo

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

29 / 29 / 2010

I need a few number 2s…

Mr. Goodwill Hunting


29 / 29 / 2010

Totally cracking up over you dancing around the tree!! Love that pic!
And those rubber boots are adorable!



29 / 29 / 2010

you are fabulous!! love every. single. item on your list!!!

thanks for being you.

That living space looks so cosy and relaxing. Love those wellies too!

Apt. #34

29 / 29 / 2010

a great list – sounds like a fab weekend!


29 / 29 / 2010

you are too cute!


29 / 29 / 2010

Oh, Will, you're too adorable in that sweater! Loved the links (that bowl is stunning).

Mrs Conti @ Belvivere

29 / 29 / 2010

The app 'Home Style by Kelly Hoppen'? love that!
Bedroom design on your Iphone? > have to check that out.
Love the hand painted baubles.

The Buzz

29 / 29 / 2010

Can't believe your tree is up – I'm still in serene living room mode! All heck breaks loose next weekend, though, and I'm loving the hand painted Christmas balls.


29 / 29 / 2010

Your so cute dancing in your sweater ;) I love everything you learnt from your weekend, and the KH app is great!!!:)

aaaw Will, you look so cute!!! Is it snowing over there? we are still waiting down here…

Lost In Cheeseland

29 / 29 / 2010

Was looking for original holiday cards, great find!

I love that living room! And you're look adorable in your jumper!


29 / 29 / 2010

Know what you mean about those gold bowls Will. Now they're on my list too. x

You look great rockin' around the Christmas tree! Oh and those hand painted baubles are gorgeous! Looks like you had a great weekend :)

Sandy a la Mode

29 / 29 / 2010

love love love those colorful wellies… and you dancing around the xmas tree too!!

Such a lovely array of fun and fabulous things Will. I can almost hear the music being played while you dance around in that jumper.


29 / 29 / 2010

The striped wellies are going on my Xmas wish list!

Rachie @ A Chi Chi Affair

29 / 29 / 2010

Are you putting your christmas tree up already?? :-) Love all the links!
Rachie xo

Pinecone Camp

29 / 29 / 2010

Way to rock out Will! I love those boots…I need them, I think.


29 / 29 / 2010

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. I want to see more photos of your Christmas tree :)

Charlotta Ward

30 / 30 / 2010

Hello lovely Will. Your '10 things lists' are like lolly bags of delights to me. Love it all!
The living room (1) is fantastic – just look at that distressed wall in the background.. Serious crush on a touch of 'demolition chic'!

The gold bowls are flirting with me too..! Clicking on that link next!

I too still love owls.. Hootingly lovely is the one you found.

Happy Tuesday dear friend.

xx Charlotta


30 / 30 / 2010

Delicious post Will! Loving Anthology mag, my issue FINALLY arrived last week and I saved it for my flight from Adelaide to Melbourne this evening. love your blog xx


30 / 30 / 2010

Love that living space with the long banquette and all the different cushions!! And the stripey wellies :)

Kayla Poole

01 / 1 / 2010

I'm obsessed with you

Will @ Bright.Bazaar

01 / 1 / 2010

Your warm and kind comments were a fab start to the week – thanks, gang!