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Yesterday was a bank holiday here in the UK, so I’m taking a little break today to enjoy the last slice of summer sunshine! I’ll be back tomorrow with a review of the October issue of Livingetc. See you then, friends!
1. Saturdays make a great time for cocktails o’clock – shake, shake!
2. Saturdays with old friends and dancing provide much banter/laughs/general larking.
3. Saturdays with cocktails, old friends, dancing and a great Chinese meal are tops.
4. Amongst all the festivities I found time to hang my new print.
5. Wii Sports Resort makes you discover muscles you never knew you had!

6. Sunday morning trips to the deli can be lethal on the old bank balance.
7. I need to learn to exercise more self control in said deli. Capers! Olives! Gherkins! Bankruptcy!
8. Toast’s Autumn/Winter catalogue is certainly easy on the eye. (Also, the brand’s first ever men’s collection launches in September).
9. Nigella makes figs pretty darn well.
10. My Macbook is flirting outrageously with this Grey Wool Felt and Brown Leather case. The done thing to do is play matchmaker, right?!
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