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I saw this huge brownstone image on made by girl’s lovely blog last week and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. It’s on the wall inside Coisas da Doris‘ store, but I can’t see it online. Does anyone know where it’s from, or, where I can find something similar? I love it and think it would look perfect in our new living room because there’s a big white wall that needs filling asap!
This is the kind of place I’d like to spend a couple of weeks on holiday. It would be perfect for whipping up a green salad, some fresh bread and a good glass or two of wine for one of those lazy European lunches on the terrace. Ok, so I’m dreaming, but I do love this space. I wouldn’t choose to live in it full time, but it certainly fits that summery/laid back/chilled/generally-super-douper-happy kinda mood I usually have when chilling out on holiday. Geee, those tiles are killing me!
Ah, those talented lot over at Elle Decor never let us down on the old inspiration front, do they? They’ve pulled it out the bag again with one of their latest online articles, which details the remodel of Monticello, the country house of Thomas Jefferson. Reffering to the bright and bold new shade of yellow that graces the grand dining room walls as ‘chrome-yellow’, and coupled with some interesting facts, the full article makes for a worthy read. You can check out the full image gallery, too. I loved the vibrant grandeur look that follows the efforts of the remodel; the space seems bigger and, well, less drab and more fab.
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