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If I was in LA, this is where I would hang out. Cool and sophisticated, yet warm and welcoming. I love the industrial feel of the space. As for the statement lighting, wow, just wow! Who’s coming for cocktails?!
Image: LA Times
This table was created by Evette Rios’s for Butoni as part of The Diffa Dining by Design Benefit (you can read more about that, here). The tabletop was designed to evoke Tuscany in the mid-1800’s. For some reason it really resonated with me, perhaps it’s the warming yellow and orange tones paired with the stunning, eclectic tablewares? Amazingly, the table was only $41 and the bottom of the table is covered with wisteria branches – so creative, which I also love! You can see more images, here.
Starburst mirrors are an easy way to add a statement feature to many interior schemes, and they look best in hallways and living rooms.
The mix of the black wall and gold mirror is stunning. Another great example of gold working outside of the holiday season.
If mid-century design is your thing, then this 3-tier starburst mirror is perfect as it echoes the 1930’s.
This alternative style starburst mirror caught my eye as I think it would be perfect for a garden room or beach house interior. Made from shards of driftwood in varying shades, colours and textures, it’s a great way to add a tactile object to a room.
Perhaps this Fifties retro style is more your thing? I like the metal and mahogany combo, and can imagine teaming this with an ornate wallpaper for full effect.
Keeping a starburst mirror simple (like above) is best when you don’t want it to be the dominating object within your scheme. There are plently to choose from and many start at great prices, like this one from Homebase for under £40.
This is my favourite of all the styles (which might be down to the excellent styling from the Graham and Green team)! Which one has got you reaching for the credit card?