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Image: WhippetGrey

I don’t think I’ll ever tire of that Friday feeling. Sometimes it starts on a Thursday afternoon, knowing that the weekend is within sight, and sometimes it comes in a flurry as the working week finishes on Friday afternoon. Either way, it’s so lovely to know that the weekend is stretched out before you; to take time to to invest in you, your family…your home.
I saw this novelty stamp by WhippetGrey this morning and it made me think about how I get caught up in the daily rush of working in the city. I look forward to taking time at the weekend, but what resonates with me about this stamp is that I must remind myself that I’m not too busy to spend time with those I love, or even just to invest in what I have. I’m going to try and make the most of every weekend in 2010, remembering not to be too busy!
My favourite find this week, is ParisDailyPhoto – Eric, the self-titled ‘friendly Parisian’ posts a picture he takes of Paris every day: simple, charming and a great insight into an even greater city. I especially liked Eric’s image of a Parisian Cafe called Cafe Brebant; how cute are those lamps?!
Thank you all for joining me on Bright.Bazaar this week – I’ve loved reading all your comments, sharing stories with you on twitter and posting about the interiors I love. What have been your favourite finds this week? Whatever you do this weekend, have a lovely time and I’m looking forward to sharing more interiors I love with you next week.
Not only is it Friday, but Spring is on the way; I can smell it in the air, feel it in the changing weather and, most importantly, see it in the gorgeous new collections that are filtering into stores as first month of 2010 draws to a close.

You may remember reading about ethically sound interiors company Rice on Bright.Bazaar a few months back; well their new catalogue is a visual delight and I wanted to share it with you all straight away.

Isn’t their stuff just brilliant? Uplifting, playful, practical, colourful, ethical – I mean, what more could you ask for from a home accessories company? They are now my certified favourite, I’ve even become a fan on facebook. Why not start your weekend by making a new interiors friend?
What’s not to like about these feathered friends that grace our planet? They are cute, cuddly and some how bring a style factor that packs a punch of fun to anything they grace for the home. There are loads of owl accessories out there right now and here are some of my favourites:
Grab this Owl cushion from for a quirky, homespun look at £33.60 each
If a modern look is more your thing, then pick up the ‘Fat Owl’ cushion from – a bargain at £22.00 and a personal favourite of mine.
These fun little cushions are part of the Heal’s ReDiscovers collection, which celebrates the furniture store’s Bicentenary. Knitted by Donna Wilson, priced at £40.00 each and available in three co-ordinating colours, they would be perfect for a child’s room.

Also from Heal’s is this handblown glass Barn Owl decoration. They are pricey at £185.00 each but they are individually mouth blown and part of the Oiva Toikka Birds collection; perfect gifts that would be kept forever.