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Yesterday was the press launch of Habitat’s Christmas 2009 collection. Held in a mirrored room littered with bright, twinkling lights, amongst neon celling hangings and brightly coloured wreaths; it sounds like ‘Bright Lights – Big City’ is going to be quite a collection. We promise to bring all the pictures very soon.
Yikes, we’ve just gone against our promise not to mention the C word for a few months. In the name of interiors journalism; are we forgiven?!

Christmas collection teaser from Habitat
Have you just finished reading the latest issue of Country Homes & Interiors? Feeling a little like you’ve lost a friend? Fear not, as Bright.Bazaar has just discovered a fantastic blog called Country Days. A daily blog about the home and work life of none other than Rhoda Perry, Editor of said magazine, it provides insight on Rhoda’s ‘double’ life. With tales from her working life in London and family life in the Sussex countryside, Country Days is both interesting and inspiring.
Rhoda recently shared her childhood memories in the post ‘Granny’s Attic’. Like Rhoda, I have many fond memories of my time spent at my Gran’s house: playing cards by the open fire; chatting late into the night; and rushing into her room first thing in the morning to make her some fresh coffee. Situated down a tiny country lane; breached on both sides by the wild flowers of the countryside, her cottage still stands today. As I’m decorating her bedroom on my next visit, I feel it would be wrong not to include something from the new ‘Granny’s Attic’ range by John Lewis. Thanks for the inspiration, Rhoda!
Granny’s Attic bed linen from John Lewis

There’s a buzz of excitement over at Bright.Bazaar towers. Why? Well, it’s one of our favourite times of year – the start of the Autumn/Winter season. Soon all the main stores will be unveiling their new collections for the coming season.

Often, with the new season, comes a whole host of stunning catalogues: a modern, slick and inspiring offering from Habitat; a bumper issue from Ikea; and more recently, great value homeware offerings from most of the supermarkets. All these, along with countless other lifestyle stores, are soon to be bursting at their autumnal seems. Full of items perfect for making our homes cosy and relaxing; preparing us for the colder times ahead, the A/W collections are always our favourite. We’re wondering if the new collections will borrow from the catwalks. Often crossing over in their trends, the interiors and fashion world tend to mirror one another’s key looks. These Vogue pictures suggest we should expect glossy, velvet, jewel-like colours. The fashion mag advises sticking to teal, berry and Sapphire colours to obtain the freshest look for our wardrobe. Well, if anyone should know what looks good, they should! We think these colour’s look great, so here’s hoping for a similar theme in interiors this season.
From top: Christopher Kane, Bottega Veneta.