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Office inspiration this week comes from somewhere closer to come, Leeds in fact. This creative space was made by Manda McGrory who runs Tree Fall Design. Her studio is light and airy, displaying a fantastic use of limited space. It just goes to show that whilst vast office spaces like the Urban Outfitters’ HQ can be hugely inspiring, so too can small spaces and Manda’s studio is living proof of this.

The space is clearly productive, with Manda running a successful online Etsy store selling handmade goods, using lots of recycled fabrics, many of which you can see in the photos here. Her online shop sells handmade quilts, soft toys, tote bags and many more delightful finds. Look how she has used left over fabric imaginatively to liven up often forgotten parts of a room, such as the panels in the door below.
The studio even manages to look stylish through storage. Check out the extensive range of fabrics Manda has stored, it must take her all day just to choose one for her next design!

Images: Manda McGrory, Tree Fall Design
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Image: Photography. Sam McAdam. Styling, Claire Delmar.

Over at Bright.Bazaar we can’t stand washing up! Cooking is great, but all the clearing up after is the bit we dread. However, the days of dread could well be over because the fantastic people over at Inside Out magazine have featured some gorgeous and very arty must-have kitchen accessories in the form of tea towels in their latest issue (you can see an online preview of the current issue here). Our favourite has to be the ‘Third Drawer Down – Hairy Lady’ tea towel by illustrator Camilla Engman (seen top of above image). Having fallen head-over-heels for this quirky and colourful tea towel, we set out to find out more about the artist behind it. Camilla’s work has been commissioned by a whole host of high profile clients, including the New York Times, Converse and Google. The Swedish based artist likes to inspire her audiences by drawing in a way that lets people grasp the notion of the picture, but still lets them keep hold of their personal interpretation. We think you’ll agree that her work is scrummy:

‘Night Rider’ – paper on paper. By Camilla Engham

Illustrations by Camilla Engman.

Last week’s office inspiration showed the intimate and colourful workspace of Orla Kiely. This week it’s all about inspiring corporate spaces and the Urban Outfitter’s Headquarters in Philadelphia is the focus – what an inspiring and seductive place to work. I first read about this fantastic office space on decor8 a while back, and it’s lovely to be able to feature it on my own blog. Most of us spend our life working in offices so let’s celebrate how lovely they can be when a bit of colour, personality and expression are thrown into the mix.

I think it’s admirable for an employer to provide such a creative and informal place for their staff to work amongst and I’m sure Urban Outfitters reap the benefits for doing so. The vast height of the main office space is bound to create an airy and fresh feeling, almost as if the space was designed to provide more head space for workers to keep their creativity from being crushed. The huge windows shown below let light flood into the different areas of the office, keeping even the smaller spaces feeling breathable. Although for many of us this kind of office space is a mere dream, there are still small elements from which inspiration can be taken. For example, hanging a favourite item of clothing or arranging different sculptures on a shelf can provide the same effect as the picture below, just on a smaller scale. I would love to see some of your own office spaces and feature them on Bright.Bazaar, so please let me know in the comments below if you wish to share the space in which you work.

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